PLC,SCADA Industrial Automation Course will help you to get ample of knowledge about the automation industry and job in the same field 


PLC and SCADA started its journey in the Digital Revolution. And it still holds well against the automation devices. It has managed to integrate into the automation practices and become a useful tool for the smooth running of automation techniques.


PLC and SCADA has huge scope in all types of industries. The entire automation field is heavily reliant on them in an industrial setup. Earlier, microprocessor control or relay logic was needed for control. Now, PLC’s are sufficient. It is highly reliable and flexible.


The peril of the current scenario is that at any point in time, changes might happen which will affect the whole system. PLC and SCADA offers a base on which any changes can be made without affecting the efficiency, speed and interoperability of the system.

Experts have claimed that Industry 4.0 will be upon us within a short span of 15 to 20 years. It will be much different than the other three revolutions since the focus will be on communication and connectivity rather than new technologies. It will be an upgrade to the Digital Revolution, rather than a complete change. Recent technologies like the Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning will be playing a major part in the process.

Some of the industries have already implemented these technologies to great results. But they have integrated it as an additional feature, rather than a complete change to present system.

This is precisely why the scope of industrial automation courses won’t be diminishing in the near future. Industries are building upon these systems rather than changing them altogether. So, as long as people give importance to learning the basics, further advancements won’t bring in a major change in the job market.


Now that we are aware of the future scope of industrial automation courses, we will take a look at some of the courses provided by WARTENS Multiple industrial automation courses like PLC & SCADA, HMI, VFD etc are present for you to choose from. If needed, our industry experts will be helping you to choose the right course for you. Irrespective of the course taken, the students will also be going through well training. This will help them in increasing their practical knowledge. Ample job opportunities are available to those who finish the course. The need of this hour and the next is quality automation engineers, and with the help of WARTENS PLC SCADA training, you will be all set.


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