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Mechatronics Engineering

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Mechatronics engineering, is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on the engineering of both electrical and mechanical systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering. As technology advances over time, various subfields of engineering have succeeded in both adapting and multiplying. The intention of mechatronics is to produce a design solution that combines each of these various subfields. Originally, the field of mechatronics was intended to be nothing more than a combination of mechanics and electronics.

 After completing the bachelors in mechatronics everyone are confused? What to do next?  How can I got a better job in my core field?.   Here we are introducing a add on course which will make your  carrier in to the world of industries with latest technologies,

Now all of you are thinking which course is that. !!!….  Industries with latest technologies!!!! . How its possible for fresher’s those who have no any previous experience in any industries. 

For all your queries WARTENS will provide u better answers.  Not only answer we have a good infrastructure also to build that. Here we are introducing a hands on training in industrial automation.

Now all of u are thinking what is automation how it will helpful for us..

           While considering the mechatronics graduates We developed This program, to make  those graduate engineers  to met the  industrial demand with multi-disciplinary skills, is a combination of mechanical, electronics, control, computer and systems design engineering streams. The program allows engineers to design, construct and run factory production lines and automated processes, where they use their skills in computers, micro-controllers, programmable logic controllers, programming, industrial sensors, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drives, design of mechanical structures and mechanisms and knowledge of manufacturing processes.

In automation training we are mainly providing you the basic knowledge as well as hands on exposures in on all the above mentioned systems like PLC, SCADA, PNEUMATICS ,DRIVES etc.

 Job opportunities in Electronics / Mechanics manufacturing industries, Strong demand for Mechatronics engineers in the field of designing, implementing and operating internet control of machines, autonomous robots and engine management systems.

When we talk about the job opportunities in this field, the candidates can opt for jobs both in the government as well as the private sector. There are huge job opportunities in this field such as –

Manufacturing Industry



Industrial automation



Bio medical system

Oil and Gas industry

Computer industry

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