What does industry expect from a fresh Engineering graduate?

Grab your golden oppertunity

Consistently, countless students pass out from engineering colleges in India. The number of students graduating from engineering colleges is considerably more in India than in countries like China and USA. Yet, only about 30% of the engineering graduates get jobs while the rest stay jobless or take up employments that are not identified with their field.

What is the explanation behind this joblessness or underemployment? What could be the industry desires of an engineering graduate? What are the students lacking that prevent them from getting the right jobs? Here we have listed out some of the important requirements for the industry expect from engineering graduates.

Interview Guide:

Your preparation before the day of the interview should be on two fundamental fronts:

  1. Research the Association: Discover as much as you can about the organization.

Take a look at their website, and any data that is related to the organization, and check their mission, objectives, any worth explanations. It’s useful to be familiar with the association’s core values. Likewise attempt to find how the activity that you have connected for fits into the organization.

  1. About you

It’s useful to plan answers for a portion of the standard icebreakers, for example, Tell me a bit about your current job’, or ‘Tell me why you’ve applied for this job’. Your answers should concentrate on your abilities, and how you can utilize them in the new activity, again based around the individual detail. Try not to learn them off by heart, yet have a smart idea of what you need to say.

Here some of the tips for preparing interview,

  • Start by researching the company details and role.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Avoid distractions and keep eye contact.
  • Be confident and comfortable.
  • Be aware of body language.
  • Be honest
  • Prepare what to say.
  • Rehearse your introduction with a friend.

Grab your golden oppertunity

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