Careers and Scope ECE students in Automation Industry

Automation is a field that is relevant to all streams of Engineering.

Apart from the Electrical and Electronic circuits, Communication Systems are an integrated part of modern PLCs. Almost all PLCs available in the market today have some sort of communication. Modern PLCs for communication use the Ethernet network as their backbone. It also deals with designing equipment such as routers, switches, fiber optics, and electronic switching systems.

If you have a background in Communication Systems it will be very useful and easy to program the PLC to communicate with field devices and also with other PLCs.

Knowledge in Communication Systems will also help you to troubleshoot network related issues while Commissioning/Maintaining a PLC system.

After completing your engineering if you’re looking for a core job and if you are interested to work in automation industries then get training on PLC Controller it would be a 3months course

After completing the PLC and SCADA Training you are eligible to work as

    1. Service Engineer
    2. Instrumentation Engineer
    3. Design Engineer
    4. Automation Engineer
    5. Network Engineer
    6. Vendor Development Engineer
    7. Project Engineer
    8. Trainee Engineer
    9. Production Engineer
    10. Tender Executive
In Companies like

1.     General Electric

2.     Schneider

3.     Siemens technology and service Pvt Ltd

4.     A&A automation

5.    Protocol automation technologies pvt ltd

6.     Omron automation pvt ltd

7.     Titan Engineering and automation ltd

8. Honeywell Automation India ltd

Talking about the Salary

The average salary of an Electronics and Communication degree holder is between 3.5 lakh and 4.5 lakh per annum. Fresher candidates usually get a starting salary of INR 15,000 per month depending upon your interview performance and knowledge. And your salary will increase based on the performance in work by 20% every 3 to 6months duration. So you don’t have to worry about the salary package you have to concentrate on the interview.

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